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Gold Transactions in Islam

Every believer who believe in Allah and His Messenger had ever prayed to acquire prosperity in the world and in the hereafter. Allah, Most Gracious and Most Merciful has demonstrated the streets to His servant to get it. 
Each of us never be separated from God's law either halal, haram, should and disliked. Each creature has never missed from the sight of God and knowledge of God. The law of God is for the pleasure of our life in this world and in the hereafter. 
Interested to live according to the tenets PG gold business which God has ordained is not just 'somebody else can do it, why can not I do?'. Hopefully, this paper gives us the benefit should be.

Illat Riba can occur: 
1. Food goods. 
2. Currency 
Illat laptops - can not be delayed (1 by 1. And 2 by 2) the time of conversion. If delayed it will be compatible nasa '. 
There was an exchange of 2 to 2 for example, and similar goods. Then apply an additional requirement that in addition to hand by hand to be in the same quantity and quality, if not happen fadhli usury (riba which occurs as a surplus in one exchange). To muhalil if the quality is not the same. 

Transactions with suppliers of gold. 
Situation 1 
1. PG gold reserve at the current gold price. Slip gold reserve will be printed. 
2. Enter half of the total gold prices into account Gold Supplier PG. (Example + -rm40k) 
3. Bank remove the entry slip money into account Gold Supplier PG. 
4. + - Week of gold will reach. Depending on the amount of gold reserve. Reservations at least 1kg of gold, then gold will be delivered. Sometimes depending on the stock. 
5. When it comes to stocks, there are two possibilities. 
I. Mortgage continues to be made ​​in ar-rahnu. 65% of the charge will be buying gold and the remaining debt will be paid to the supplier. The receipt will be signed. 
Ii. The balance will be paid in full the purchase of gold by the price of the book. Gold was taken from suppliers. The receipt will be signed. 
6. A commission of 1.5% of the total value of the purchase will be given to the dealer (dealer) every 15th of the following month. 

This situation is illegal. Method of buying gold should hand by hand at a time. In the event a sale contract, the delivery of gold and money submissions on the current gold price coincided. This is Islamic law. To secure our religion. 

Situation 2 
1. Reservations made ​​through internet PG gold at current prices. 
2. Slip printed book. 
3. Money that is equal to PG gold reserve was created, will be included in PG Gold Supplier account through bank on the same day. 
4. The bank will issue a receipt for the money savings entries. 
5. The receipts will be faxed to the supplier. 
6. Suppliers will fax a receipt containing the acceptance of payment and items ordered gold PG. 
7. When there is stock in the supplier / bookings made ​​suitable for delivery, the supplier will send gold PG concerned. 
8. PG gold be taken from the supplier and signed delivery receipt. 
9. A commission of 1.5% of the total value of the purchase will be given to the dealer (dealer) every 15th of the following month. 

The method should buy gold hand by hand at a time. In the event a sale contract, the delivery of gold and money submissions on the current gold price coincided. This is Islamic law. To secure our religion. 
In darurah (such as cash money to be paid is high and there is a security risk), so can be bank-in in time near the time of delivery of gold and the supplier shall immediately hand over the gold. The supplier must submit a letter of guarantee shipment upon receipt of bank statements-in from the dealer. The calculated hand by hand for hukmi. This darurah not extended.

God's law in the sale and purchase of gold

God willing, I will be publishing an article on the legal sale and purchase of gold by sharia after this .... The world is only temporary, permanent Hereafter. Pleasure is temporary. Death will separate us. Fun aside by law to be happy in this world and the hereafter. Do not be happy snap of the world but in the next difficult time. ...... How to purchase lawful means and how it can drop to usury and illegal ... Nauzubillah ..... Pray that the article will be published as soon as possible .....

Sunday, 10 April 2016

New Technique Purchase Gold

There is a new technique of buying and selling gold, but I can not detect whether the law in installments or how. Sellers have a 100gm gold. The current price of gold RM11k.Pembeli can get it by paying to the seller RM 4000. The balance of RM 7,000, the seller will be able to soak in al-Rahn (65% of the price of gold 100gm). The charge is the buyer's name. Does this include buying in installments? Auzar: It is illegal and usurious. Rahn was sebanrnya serves as collateral for the remainder of the delayed payment of RM 7K.

Taken from an excerpt of a question and answer However I will facing teacher, coz via the Internet, CD and other means can not answer the question directly and more than religious scholars.However, thank God, coz science has shown little respect for ... Learn religion and worldly chapters already have an audience that is more efficient and it is sunnah ... there must be success. the importance of obedience ... previous affection for the benefits to be received, the better its first authentic. When you're lucky million-million ... worried dark picture ... hehehe want to talk about a story .... there are a fisherman, you can fish besar..tak He was never able to fish in the depths mail tu ... shit ... . prior to the big fish ... go la si tu ni fishermen want to ask you teacher ... teacher, that fish can eat outdoors? coz deep in shit ... I took an old book rather shabby black color .... last ... read, teacher bastards were saying .... then the fisherman also mentioned illicit la ... oooo .... kalu nak lawful endeavors, to fish ust ust tu ni .... no response daze .... tu .... ooooopsss teacher wince-wince .... later I took the book of another white ... dibelek- gorilla book hhaaahhhh tu .... !!!!! mai here, said ust tu .... here ... MUST see and eat HALAL .... hehehee short story ... can la fish ust deck tu ni ..... hehehehe .... tak der story here to do with the living and who have died ....

Law Gold Investment Account at Bank Malaysia

Gold Investment Account Law

The Bank Malaysia

Is what was in accordance with law? Equally we thoroughly so that real life will not be chaos deck 1 sen illegal. Chapter ust said recently ni ... every second we are always in the range of halal, haram, should, disliked and constantly observed by Allah and every charitable deed will be recorded ... Equally we contemplate ... 
Excerpt from website Ust Zaharuddin.