Sunday, 10 April 2016

New Technique Purchase Gold

There is a new technique of buying and selling gold, but I can not detect whether the law in installments or how. Sellers have a 100gm gold. The current price of gold RM11k.Pembeli can get it by paying to the seller RM 4000. The balance of RM 7,000, the seller will be able to soak in al-Rahn (65% of the price of gold 100gm). The charge is the buyer's name. Does this include buying in installments? Auzar: It is illegal and usurious. Rahn was sebanrnya serves as collateral for the remainder of the delayed payment of RM 7K.

Taken from an excerpt of a question and answer However I will facing teacher, coz via the Internet, CD and other means can not answer the question directly and more than religious scholars.However, thank God, coz science has shown little respect for ... Learn religion and worldly chapters already have an audience that is more efficient and it is sunnah ... there must be success. the importance of obedience ... previous affection for the benefits to be received, the better its first authentic. When you're lucky million-million ... worried dark picture ... hehehe want to talk about a story .... there are a fisherman, you can fish besar..tak He was never able to fish in the depths mail tu ... shit ... . prior to the big fish ... go la si tu ni fishermen want to ask you teacher ... teacher, that fish can eat outdoors? coz deep in shit ... I took an old book rather shabby black color .... last ... read, teacher bastards were saying .... then the fisherman also mentioned illicit la ... oooo .... kalu nak lawful endeavors, to fish ust ust tu ni .... no response daze .... tu .... ooooopsss teacher wince-wince .... later I took the book of another white ... dibelek- gorilla book hhaaahhhh tu .... !!!!! mai here, said ust tu .... here ... MUST see and eat HALAL .... hehehee short story ... can la fish ust deck tu ni ..... hehehehe .... tak der story here to do with the living and who have died ....

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